The Metaverse of Tokenized Conservation

The Metaverse of Tokenized Conservation

Oceaverse is a new kind of conservation platform

Three passionate communities brought together at the intersection of oceans, artistry, and smart contracts.

Harnessing NFTs to birth a disruption in how we protect the planet’s aquatic treasures by empowering grassroots communities.

A smart contract NFT platform to empower a world of grassroots communities, content, and climate action.

Reef Conservation

Conservation-first structure baked into blockchain, empowering the coastal communities who actually shepherd Earth’s greatest reefs.

Underwater Stories NFT Platform

Curated NFT artistry from some of the worlds’ most prolific underwater storytellers, athletes, and advocates for ocean health.

Smart Token Contracts

Collective ownership and visibility of the project in the form of Oceaverse’s

  • Non-fungible tokens
  • Governance tokens


An immersive ocean metaverse to bring the majesty of the ocean, wonders of the reef, and the communities who nurture it all together for a decentralized, sustainable ecosystem of conservation-led experience.

The Oceaverse BluePaper

This Web-based BluePaper provides the overarching framework for Oceaverse. It is a continually evolving roadmap, weaving in contributors from the entire community.

Rev 22 April 2022

Potential ProjectsProject Nomination Form

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