Wallets ETH and MATIC
Wallets ETH and MATIC

Wallets ETH and MATIC

Oceaverse is an accessible smart contract project. We are not purists enamored by the technology, but instead harness multiple technologies for the end goal: protecting our oceans.

And so because NTFs are a means to an end, we want to help those outside the NTF and cryptocurrency space to ease their way in. We hope the following guides help:

1. For those new to Crypto

Bitcoin, ETH, MATIC?

Bitcoin is a pure cryptocurrency, and cannot have an embedded smart contract.

Etherium (ETH) is a smart contract protocol, which uses Proof-of-Work mechanics to record changes to the ledger. It’s globally the most popular smart contract protocol, and has most of today’s global capitalization/value.

MATIC (MATIC) is Polygon’s smart contract protocol, which use Proof-of-Stake mechanics: faster, less energy. While not as popular as ETH, it is accessible like any currency trade, and is supported by OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace.

Setting up a Wallet

Any wallet will be your first place to store cryptocurrencies.

The popular include:

  • Metamask
  • Coinbase
  • Crypto.com

This is your key first stop to enter the world of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and Web3.

To get a sense of it, the Oceaverse Wallet is here.

If you would like a walkthrough, we’ll be putting up soon are a series of links and videos to get you up to speed.

Still stuck? we can help accept credit cards

If you wish to participate, but aren’t sure you’ll be ready in time

We invite you to Register on the Bluelist Link

and in the field “Wallet”, kindly add “Please setup for me”

Our team will reach out to provide a one-stop setup via traditional credit card payment link, and hold the NFT in your name until your wallet is ready.

2. For those new to NTFs

Pink Slip

The nonfungible token (NFT) has often been described as the digital version of the ‘pink slip’ to a car. It is unhackable, being verified thanks to the distributed network that writes every change globally to an immutable ledger.

For this reason, it has taken off as a form of smart contract to prove ownership of a digital asset.

Smart Contract

Like a Pink Slip, NFTs can contain more information than just the owner’s name, and the description of the asset. It can contain instructions for how transactions of the asset should be handled.

This is the core of the smart contract.

And this is where Oceaverse is unique: the locked in instruction of every asset minted on the Oceaverse platform is

To owning an NFT, an individual either:

  1. creates the first record of the asset, which is recorded on the blockchain ledger, or
  2. changes the owner of record for that asset.

The Mint is the creation, like minting a coin. The minting process not only defines the owner, but also locks in a smart contract.

For those still asking “ok, the technology seems interesting, but why all the fuss and crazy valuations?”


It can also be described as a share membership. The unimaginably popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has evolved well beyond the 10,000 unique images of cartoon primates. The underlying NFT is the ‘pink slip’ to your membership in this very exclusive club.


Benefits are not confined to the rights to use the image for personal and commercial purposes, but more importantly an ownership stake in the rising goodwill value of this intellectual property.


BAYC NFT holders essentially have one (or more) variable-value shares in the Phenomenon.

3. For ETH holders

Convert ETH to MATIC

There are many exchanges for converting ETH to MATIC, just be sure that the MATIC sits in the your MATIC Mainnet wallet before minting.

4. For MATIC holders

Congratulations, you’re already native to the Polygon protocol.

If you’re ready to Mint, here are the basic steps:

  1. Connect your favorite wallet to the Oceaverse
  2. If you’re ready to Mint:
    1. on a desktop just follow the “Become a Guardian” link
    2. on mobile, open Metamask browser, switch to the MATIC Mainnet, and head to https://mint.oceaverse.io

5. To view your NTF

The most straightforward viewing platform will be your Metamask dashboard

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