The Oceaverse Conservation Fund is the heart of the Oceaverse proposition.

The Conservation Annuity Fund

  • 40% of Oceaverse revenue is held in a non-profit structure on blockchain.
  • ~80-90% invested into Blue Bonds and similar steady yield instruments to generate recurring funds, to provide continuity of funded programs.
  • ~10-20% immediately issued to the conservation pipeline

Funds are held in $MATIC, on the proof-of-stake (PoS) Polygon protocol, with lightning fast transactions and low energy use.

Oceaverse is already a Carbon-Negative project, with a current carbon-negative footprint balance covering over 4 million transactions (as of February 22, 2022).

Our Pilot Conservation Partner

As Oceaverse builds, the platform is designed to bring together more conservation action partners, and empower more global reef communities. To demonstrate proof of concept in the first Phase, we are honored to have the global participation of Reef Check International, starting with deployments in the Coral Triangle.


Reef Check

A decentralized global network of reef conservation and communities.

“Oceaverse is a one-of-a-kind ocean-conservation-first platform harnessing smart contracts for what their real potential can be: empowering people to effect impact. We are proud partners across the world.” — Steven, Reef Check International

Reef Check International Website

The Tioman Basecase

Local divers funded by Reef Check on a marine buoy deployment run, to measure salinity and temperatures in Tioman.

Reef Check Asia is currently supporting the popular dive destination of Tioman, Malaysia, one of the gems of the globally significant Coral Triangle (Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia).

Reef Check has been running a long-term community-based reef protection

Reef Check Tioman

Reef Check Asia is proud to be the first on-chain fund recipient of the Oceaverse Fund.

The Verde Island Passage Pilot

“Oceaverse could not come at a more crucial time for the Verde Island Passage, which biologists agree has the highest biodiversity on the planet. With the Philippines weathering the longest lockdown in the world under COVID-19, the local dive industry who supports the health of this globally critical destination has been decimated. Direct funds to sustainable jobs are a Godsend.” –– Vanessa Vergara, President Reef check Philippines


The Reef Check network. Next projects under development include those submitted by:

  • Reef Check Dominican Republic
  • Reef Check Germany
  • Reef Check Indonesia
  • Reef Check

Expanding Organization Network

The Oceaverse platform and smart contract enables similar grassroots conservation efforts, by empowering coastal shepherd communities with transparent and accountable funding.

Please apply to be considered for funding


If you represent an organization with grassroots projects that empower local coastal communities with jobs in citizen marine science, sustainable dive tourism, carbon sequestration, or sustainable aquaculture.

Transparency, Accountability, Impact

A core difference between one-off charity donations and Oceaverse’s grassroots empowerment on blockchain is the depth of governance over the smart use of funds.

Phase 1

Reporting of fund use shall be available on the Oceaverse Dashboard, coming soon.

Engagement Roadmap

As Oceaverse continues to grow, each Phase shall include

Phase 2

shall include continuous updates of conservation activities, photos, video, and impact metrics from supported programs.

Phase 3

shall include opportunities for Guardian holders to be recognized locally

Phase 4

aims to make the results of conservation efforts a part of the immersive Ocean metaverse experience.

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